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Design a Lorry Competition

Q) I want to register for the Design a Lorry competition!

You can register for Get Set to Eat Fresh and to take part in the competition here: Enter your school postcode, select your school, click next, then complete the following form. If you are a parent/carer/youth leader/someone else, please use the following form:

Once you have registered you will be able to login and download any of the Get Set to Eat Fresh resources, including the Design a Lorry Competition Entry Template and Cover Sheet.

Q) I’ve forgotten my password/can’t find a password reset email!

Request a password reset email here: Make sure you check your junk mail for the email as this can end up there!

If there's no reset password email in your inbox or junk email, then try registering again from scratch as it may be that your initial registration didn't process correctly:

If neither of these options work - please contact us and we can investigate further. 

Q) Where can I download the Design a Bag Entry Template/entry sheet?

The Design a Lorry Entry Template and Cover Sheet can be downloaded here: Scroll to the Student Resources at the bottom of the page to download the materials. Please ensure you submit both the Entry Template and Cover Sheet as part of your entry.

You will need a Get Set to Eat Fresh account to download the Competition resources. You can create your account here: 

Q) Can I send in my child’s Design a Lorry entry as a parent/carer?

As an individual you can register using the 'I'm a parent or someone else' option here: When asked for number of students, please enter the number of children with whom you intend to use the Get Set to Eat Fresh resources.

Once registered, you will be able to download an Entry Template and the Cover Sheet for Entries to enter the Design a Bag competition. The Cover Sheet will ask for details of your/ your children's school (if home schooled please write Home School and your own address) – but you are very welcome to fill these details in on behalf of the school and send off the entry yourself!

Q) Is the Design a Lorry competition open to residents of Northern Ireland?

Unfortunately, as Aldi does not currently operate in Northern Ireland, entries from schools in Northern Ireland are not eligible for the Design a Lorry competition. This is because the competition prizes of seeing the design on an Aldi lorry and Aldi lorries would not be manageable in Ireland. However, you are still very welcome to register and use any of the Get Set to Eat Fresh resources (and run your own in school competition should you wish)!

Q) I am a youth leader, can my Guide/Scout unit/youth group enter the competition?

Young people from youth groups are very welcome to enter the competition, and work on their entries in group meetings. Please provide the details of your group on the Cover Sheet for Entries and ensure entrants are within the age bracket and correct school years for the competition (school years 1–9 for England and Wales and P1–7 and S1–2 for Scotland) – and that this is clear, alongside the youth group name, on their Entry Template. If one of your entries is successful to £1,000 Aldi Voucher would be provided to your organisation. 

Q) I am a home-educator, can my child take part in the Design a Lorry competition?

Yes! Please note ‘Home School’ and your own address details on the Cover Sheet for Entries and confirm the relevant school year for your child to allow us to confirm their eligibility. 

Prizes for the competition include a £50 Aldi Voucher for the winner and £1,000 Aldi Voucher for the winner’s school. If your child is successful in the competition the £1,000 Aldi Voucher would be offered to a local youth community group – to be chosen and mutually agreed between yourself and Aldi. 

Q) I am having trouble emailing my entries – the emails will not send/delivery fails?

It may be that your entry files may be too large to be sent over email. You could upload your files and send us a Google drive/Microsoft 365 file (please ensure that the link is set so anyone with the link can view the files), or use a secure file transfer service to upload your entry and send on a download link.

Q) Should I email entries as individual files, or batch together?

If sending through multiple files, you may find them easier to send if batched together (i.e. 5, 20, 30 entries in one PDF with/alongside a cover sheet), however this is not compulsary, so if you are only able to scan entries individually that's OK too! If sending through multiple emails to send through a batch, you only need to send the cover sheet once, but please let us know if the body of the email or subject that there are more emails to come (i.e. SCHOOL NAME ENTRIES - EMAIL 1/5). 


Q) What is Get Set to Eat Fresh?

Get Set to Eat Fresh is part of the Get Set family of education programmes. Created in partnership with the British Olympic Association and Aldi, Get Set to Eat Fresh creates free materials for teachers and parents to support young people aged 5–14 in developing their understanding and love of fresh, healthy food, the skills they need to cook for themselves and the desire to celebrate food with friends and family. You can find out more about the programme and our resources on the About pages.

Q) How do I access the resources?

All the Get Set to Eat Fresh resources are free to use and download. All you need to do is create a Get Set to Eat Fresh account for your school by entering your school’s postcode to sign up here: Once registered you will be able to login, download our resources and have full access to all Get Set to Eat Fresh opportunities.


Q) Can I register for Get Set to Eat Fresh as a parent/ carer?

As a parent, carer or another individual you can register using the 'I'm a parent or someone else' option here: When asked for number of students, please enter the number of children with whom you intend to use the Get Set resources.

Q) I cannot find my school?

If you are having trouble finding your school using the postcode look up, first try searching using only the first half of your postcode. If this does not work, you can register using the ‘I’m a parent or someone else’ option and entering your school’s details manually.


Q) I have forgotten my password?

Not to worry! Please enter the email address you used to register on Get Set to Eat Fresh. We will send you an email with a link to reset your password.

Q) I have another question!

Can't find the answer to your question? A member of the Get Set to Eat Fresh team will be happy to help – just drop us a message using our contact us form. We'll make sure to get back to you as quickly as we can and rest assured, we won't be sharing your information with anyone else. 

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